What We Do

Our passion is not only to equip you with cutting-edge phone products, but also to help you execute your voter contact plan in an innovative and effective way. With decades of strategic consulting experience on political and issue campaigns, you can trust our team to deliver the very best service and quality on every project. Let us jump into the trenches with you and advocate on your behalf!

Automated Calls

There’s no question automated calls have become a staple of political campaigns, non-profits, and the corporate world – primarily because they offer a fast and affordable way to deliver a message to a large audience.

But we know automated calls cannot solely drive the message of a large campaign. That’s why The Strategy Group Company recommends automated calls as one part of a larger messaging apparatus.

Automated calls powerfully reinforce your direct mail, television, and radio advertising, maximizing your campaign’s resources by helping drive home your message.

Additionally, when your campaign needs to make a rapid response, no other form of mass communication can be turned around faster.

The Strategy Group Company gives you the very best this technology has to offer.

Voter ID

At The Strategy Group Company, we use state-of-the-art identification (ID) techniques that allow clients to hone their target audience, create top-of-mind awareness among voters, and build a terrific database of constituent issues and concerns for official offices.

An ID project is essentially a poll with a limited number of questions (usually just one to three) to a very broad audience.

The resulting information is used to pinpoint the voters who will be most responsive to a client’s message, thus creating the most productive target list possible for direct mail and other advertising media.

Live Calling

Though most great campaigns have volunteer callers, volunteers alone cannot always get through to your entire target list. With The Strategy Group Company, you know that every time our professional callers dial on your behalf, you get:
A dedicated team, trained in telephone interaction, making sure your message is clear and results are accurate

More completed calls overall
Donor fulfillment and follow-up
Better responses with trained professionals
TeleForum follow-up for advocacy and prospecting
Non-regional diction


What could be more grassroots and personal than a town hall meeting? It hearkens to a bygone era, but The Strategy Group Company brings town hall meetings into modern focus. A virtual town hall meeting is a basically a very large conference call that personally connects your office or campaign to thousands of people at once.

How it works:

An automated call is sent to your list with a message from the host inviting people to join a town hall meeting by simply staying on the line.
The person on the other end of the line is immediately connected to the meeting where the host discusses issues of importance and invites audience questions.
Call participants who have a question speak personally to a call screener who, at the appropriate time, connects the participant with the host who already has seen the screener’s notes in advance.

Virtual town hall meetings give people who may not have the time, money, or inclination to travel in person to a meeting, the opportunity to engage a candidate or elected official in a one-on-one, meaningful discussion. This kind of personal interaction can make the difference between victory and defeat on a political campaign, and greatly enhances the interaction between an elected official and their constituency.


Even a campaign flush with cash and the right message can lose if its database is outdated.

That’s why The Strategy Group Company offers an array of data enhancement services to make sure no dollar is wasted targeting a voter who has moved, is deceased, or has changed phone numbers. Through data enhancement, we provide a clean, up-to-date data that helps maximize your campaign’s resources and efficiently, effectively reach voters.

Phone matches
NCOA (National Change of Address) processing
Deceased suppression service
Other services upon request

Victory VoIP Phones

Victory VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a multi-functional phone bank system that can triple volunteer call output. This system allows campaigns to reach contact goals faster and with fewer callers.

Victory VoIP is available as a permanent fixture in your office or campaign headquarters, or as a traveling system used in multiple locations. But you don’t have to be a technology wizard to use this state of-the-art phone system. It is extremely user-friendly, giving you a competitive edge over your opponent, because administrators obtain data instantly and volunteers reach three times more contacts than using a traditional phone.

If you are running a grassroots campaign of any kind, the Victory VoIP system will give you an automatic and significant advantage on the ground.

Patch Calls

Patch-through calls activate a large number of constituents in a short amount of time. Perfect for issue advocacy, patch-through calls put your constituents in direct contact with policy makers.

How it works:

An automated or live call is made to inform constituents that policy-makers will soon vote on an important legislative issue.
In the case of an automated call, your message is then played and the recipient is urged to transfer through by “Pressing 1” to be connected to his or her legislator.  In the case of a live patch through program, our operator stays on the line with the voter and transfers them to the office, ensuring they are connected with the right people.
Once the recipient is “patched through,” they are armed with your message and able to advocate on behalf of your campaign.

The Strategy Group Company provides fast and comprehensive reporting, so you can immediately gauge the effectiveness of the calls and develop a rich database of passionate supporters for future mobilization, who you can count on again and again.